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In a noisy world where every company is vying for attention, every detail matters. An established visual identity is what separates professionals from amateurs. With a clear visual identity, your business can make a real connection with your customers that leaves a lasting impression and keeps them coming back again and again. With your goals set and a willingness to do better, we can work together to take your brand to the next level.

About Airship

Airship Design Co. is focused on high-quality visual identities for brands. Whether that means a new logo, print materials, signage, labels, or anywhere else your brand needs to be seen.

I love working together with organizations to design amazing brand identities that speak to their indented audience. Anyone can throw a logo together and get some business cards printed. I can help put a face to your organization that is goal focused, targeted, and objective.

I will never compromise on quality. As pretentious as it might make me sound, design is a craft. A craft I’ve spent over the last eight years of my life studying. I respect good design and my clients do too. I will never put out sub-par work.

Tommy Creenan lives in the beautiful city of Buffalo, NY where he can be found running, riding his bike, trying new beers, and watching football as often as possible.

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