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Why You Need To Invest In Design

Investing can be scary. There are always risks involved in any form of investment.

When we invest money, we can lose it.

When we invest emotionally, we can have our feelings hurt.

To look past that fear, and see all the potential that could come if you succeed, is where we find growth in our lives.

To some, design is an expense. It’s a nice-to-have that doesn’t really effect the bottom-line of their business.

Design is not an expense, it is an investment. If you are working with the right designer, you will get much more out of the exchange than you put in.

Investing will sting

Investment is going to sting a bit.

When I started Airship, I wanted the nicest business cards I could afford. The quality needed to match the quality I wanted to provide others.

It would have been cheap and easy to get 1000 business cards for about $100 from a discount printer. They would have gotten the job done.

Instead, I invested and paid over $1 per card for high-quality, letterpress cards.

Sending out that payment stung. It wasn’t an insignificant amount of money to me. But I knew that these cards would last me years, and I trusted the printer I was working with to live up to their stellar reputation. (And they absolutely did.)

Invest In Someone You Are Confident In

Trust is paramount.

Even though I was hesitant to invest a significant amount of my money into business cards, I truly believed in the final product and the printer who was producing them.

Trust is always key when working with another person. The moment you stop trusting the work of whom you are working with, your own work will suffer. Instead of focusing on your own work, you worry about whether or not this person is going to deliver on their end.

The same is true with design. If you don’t trust your design work, it will eat away at your thoughts instead of building you up to produce better work.

$5 Logos and $10 a Month Websites

There are dozens of resources for getting cheap design work done. Where you can get a logo designed for just $5. Where you can get a website that is suited for you for only $10 a month.

But in the same way I could have just gotten bulk business cards, these resources are only going to provide you with so much.

Can a logo that someone spent less that 20 minutes designing truly be memorable?

Can a website that uses a theme that hundreds or thousands of other sites use adequately reflect what your business does?

These resources are completely valid options. Not everyone is at a point where they can invest in design, and that’s ok. The risk is low, but so is the reward.

The work you will get from these sites is like your first car. It’s affordable. It will get you where you need to go. You’ll be thrilled to finally have one of your own.

Not unlike my first car, cheap design will eventually reach a point where it can no longer carry you forward.

Realize that design is an investment

When my business cards finally arrived, I was ecstatic. They were everything I had hoped for and more. The foil print, the heavy paper, the attention to detail. I was proud to hand these out to people I met.

I have yet to hand out my business card to someone and get anything other than a “wow” response. These cards have gotten me business because they left an impression on the person I gave them to. I’ve received my investment back and then some, and I still have so many cards to give out!

By investing in design, you remove the limit on your success. You are no longer being held back by your “bad logo” or “crappy website.” When you have invested in quality design work, you stop worrying about it, and start trusting it. Leaving you to focus on what matters, your business.

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