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The Struggle to Show Up

Showing up can be hard.

I am currently writing my tenth blog post in ten days as I build up to taking Airship full-time. Every night (with the exception of my first blog post) I haven’t really *wanted* to write another post. They take a lot of effort and preparation in addition to all of the other commitments I have. I usually end up not getting to bed until 1am or later most nights since making this commitment.

So why continue showing up and writing these posts?

Because I said I would. I like the way I feel when they are done. When I hit publish on a new post, design a new featured image, and setup my morning newsletter I feel accomplished. I did what I said I was going to do. I fulfilled the promise I made to you and to myself that I would keep showing up.

Showing up regularly is incredibly hard. That’s why not many people do it. It requires sacrifice and hard work. There will be plenty of nights where you’d rather be doing almost anything else other than what you’ve committed to doing. But every time you fight that feeling and show up anyway, you’ll be doing something meaningful for yourself.

So if you want to start something new, whether it’s starting a blog, or to start sharing your artwork, or starting a YouTube channel, you need to make a commitment to yourself and start showing up. Whether that’s weekly, biweekly, or daily, you need to make the thing you want to do a regular habit. The best part, others will take notice when you’ve proven you are the kind of person who shows up.

Think about it this way, would you notice when your friend announces that they are going to get in shape? Or would you notice when the next time you see them and they’ve lost 30 pounds? You have to walk the walk, not just talk the talk, if you want to grab people’s attention.

Start showing up. Start by making a commitment to yourself and then honoring that commitment. I guarantee you’ll like the kind of person you turn into when you do.

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