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The Emotional Investment in your Work

Working on your own personal projects can bring out some of your best work. Your heart is in it. You want to do better than you did before. To improve your skills. To expand on what you know. You do everything in your power to make this the best work you’ve ever done.

You are emotionally invested in the outcome of this project.

You need to be able to bring that passion to the work you do for others as well. That fire inside you to do the best work you possibly can is how you will continue to create work that impresses and amazes clients.

You have to care

You absolutely, positively, must care about the work you decide to take on. If you are passionate about what your client does, you’ll want to do a great job for them. Your passion will drive you produce your best work possible.

If you don’t respect your client, or they do not show respect to you, there’s no way that the work you do will turn out well. Corners will get cut. Deadlines will get missed. Feelings will get hurt. Mutual respect builds a relationship that makes both parties care more about each other and the work they do.

There are so many awesome people out there that want to work with you! Don’t get bogged down working on projects that you aren’t passionate about.

Always keep your morals and values in mind

Part of caring about the work you do means that the client you take on meshes well with your morals and values. Few things are worse than to know work you’ve done is out there promoting something you are personally against.

To quote the great designer Mike Monteiro, “you are responsible for the work you put into the world.”

Life is too short to break your moral code for a few bucks. I’m sad to say that I have built websites for companies that I object to on a moral level. While I wasn’t the one who signed these client on, I’m still not proud of it. I could have spoken up, but I didn’t. That’s on me.

Never commit to work that you are uncomfortable doing. More jobs will come. Keep your integrity in tact.

You are responsible

Ultimately it is up to you to determine what type of work you accept. Never feel you need to take on a bad client or a job that you aren’t totally on board with. Great clients are out there. Make sure you’re ready to take them on when they come knocking.

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