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Setting Bigger Goals

Just before I was about to graduate from college, I wrote down a list of goals I had for my future. They varied pretty wildly in size and difficulty. (My personal favorite is “own a sweet recliner.”) I take this list out and look at it every once in a while. It’s pretty fun to see how I stack up to 21 year-old Tommy’s vision for myself.


In the three and half years since I wrote this list I’ve managed to accomplish quite a few of these things, but there’s still so much left on it. And that’s ok.

Part of setting goals for yourself also means knowing when to stop chasing them. Some of the goals on 21 year-old Tommy’s list are things I have little desire to accomplish anymore. It would be foolish of me to pursue these old goals just for the sake of completing them.

That being said, I’ve set so many more goals for myself now that abandoning the old ones is merely out of necessity. So as part of this new transition into my freelancing life, I’ve written a new list of goals for myself and for future Tommy to look back on.

Life is too short to only set goals that are easily achievable. Working towards a big dream can be scary. What if I don’t reach it? What if I fail? But there’s a better question to ask yourself. What if I succeed?

The biggest motivator for me leaving my day job was knowing that if I didn’t take this chance now, I’d wind up regretting it. Things would have worked out for me to leave later if I chose, but I was done waiting. I wanted to take a risk and cross another item off of 21 year-old Tommy’s list, “to start my own company.”

I know that all of these new goals are achievable for me in the next few years. I wonder what I will think when I look back at these at 30. Will there be ones on here that make me laugh like the ones on my 21 year-old list? Probably. Will I achieve them all? Maybe not. But that’s what makes goals so important. It gives you a target to aim for. I might miss. I might decide to aim for a different target later. But as long as I keep moving forward and setting my goals as big as I can, I’ll be happy during the journey.

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