My Process

Few things make me happier than designing a brand identity. My style is focused on refined graphics and strong typography. I love creating logos that speak to their target audience with their own unique character and story.

Design is my passion. I want to produce as much value as humanly possible to each person who puts their faith in me to solve their design problems. It is important for you, the client, to identify your design problems and that you start by setting clear and effective goals.

Every successful design project begins with a focused set of goals.

No organization’s goal is to just “get a logo.” Your goals are bigger and more complex than that. Maybe your identity is dated or unprofessional and needs an update. Maybe you want to reach out to a new audience and your identity needs a new focus. Maybe you want to better connect to your existing audience and focus your efforts on something you know that works.

These goals you have will be the cornerstone of your project and will be the compass that guides it. Having honest, open conversations about what is most important to you, your organization, and your audience will help me to provide the greatest value I can for you. By discussing and setting project goals, we can ensure your project is laser focused and has the greatest chance to successfully meet the goals you have set.

Just as you are an expert in your business, I view myself as an expert in mine, which is why I do not provide revisions or multiple concepts. I provide a single, objective design solution based on the goals you have set. That may sound strange, so let me explain. *Your input is invaluable* to the success of this project. That is why we have as in-depth a conversation as possible before I even pick up a pencil to start sketching.

My job isn’t done until I have narrowed down every possible concept to the one that will best meet your goals and bring you the greatest chances for success. I greatly respect the knowledge you have in your industry, just as I hope you respect my knowledge in mine. That mutual respect between us will yield absolutely exceptional results.

If you are looking for someone to produce multiple concepts, I’m afraid I will not be the designer for you. But if you want someone who is passionate, experienced, and willing to have tough conversations to improve your organization’s identity; I’m certain we will be an excellent fit to work together.

The Design Process

After we have discovered and thoroughly discussed your project goals, I start doing my research. I look at your competitors to see what they have done either successfully, or unsuccessfully. I get a grasp of what already exists in your field and brainstorm solutions to set you apart for the better.

Once I have done my research, I start by sketching. Lots of sketching. Trying to get every possible idea out of my head and on the page. You may have heard stories about how some of the world’s most successful logos started out as “napkin sketches.” That’s why I start out with pencil and paper, because it encourages simplicity. Quick thoughts, quick sketches. 99 times out of 100, the simplest idea is often the most effective.

After I have a handful of ideas I feel are worth expanding on, I start working digitally. I try to only work in black and white to start to keep the ideas true to the sketches. If a logo can’t work in a single color, it’s most likely not the best concept. After my main concepts are made, I start narrowing them down. Weeding out the weak concepts, improving the strong ones. There’s no real list of steps for this stage, it’s all about referencing the project goals, and making objective decisions based on that.

Once I have chosen the final concept, I will create a document for you explaining how the new brand identity meets all of the goals we discussed. It will also include rules for logo usage, brand colors, as well as some mockups for your logo in context (business cards, signage, etc.)

If you are willing to work with my process, I guarantee we will be able to produce a successful new brand for your organization. My goal is to meet your goals. If you’d like to work together, please fill out my questionnaire and I will be in touch!

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