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Letting Go of Fear

I thought about it constantly. I agonized over it for weeks. I thought of every worst-case scenario. It was an incredibly risky idea. I wasn’t completely prepared.

I decided to trust myself, and I quit my job.

Every person I spoke to, every article I read told me that I’d never feel “ready” to leave my job and start my own company. There’d always be a reason to stay where I was. I definitely didn’t feel ready. Honestly, I still don’t.

Deciding to leave the security of my day job behind is terrifying. I don’t have much savings. Enough to get me by for a while, but it’s definitely not the “6 month buffer” a lot of people seem to recommend.

Despite my lack of preparation beforehand, I know I can make this work. I won’t let myself fail. Things may not work out like I hope they do in my mind, but I know I’ll work my hardest and do my best to make this crazy experiment work.

Fear is an anchor. It keeps you in place. You are going to have to let it go if you want to see just how far you can go.

I haven’t even truly begun my journey into the world of freelancing yet, but I’m far from inexperienced. I’ve freelanced part-time for over four years now and I’ve learned so much in that time. I can’t imagine how much more I will learn once I throw myself into the gauntlet that is full-time freelancing.

I’ve also received no end of support from so many friends, colleagues, and family members to boost my confidence. To receive so much love and support after announcing my change in career path was so heartwarming. I love all of you so much for that.

If you are considering leaving your job to follow your own dreams and passions, start figuring out how to make that a reality. I won’t give the foolish advice to “follow your dreams” and just up and quit and hope everything works out. You need a certain level of preparedness in order to make things work. I can’t tell you how prepared you need to be, but odds are you don’t need to be quite as ready as you think.

Leaving a safe day job to go after something bigger needs to be the right balance of foolish and no-brainer. You will feel scared. You will feel confident. Only time will tell for certain whether or not you made the right move, but I’d rather cut my anchor loose than stay in the safety of the harbor. After all, what is life for if not taking a few chances?

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