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Finding Balance

I love design. I spend so much of my time thinking about it or actively doing it that it can seem unhealthy to those who don’t understand it.

Design is my life, but it isn’t my entire life.

It’s easy to equate time spent on things that aren’t work as “time wasters,” but I find the weeks I’m most productive are the ones where I had taken time each day and spent it doing something fun. To keep my tank from running empty.

As much as I love design, I can’t let it be the all-encompassing force in my life. I need time to just be me. To play my guitar. To go to the park with a friend. To watch a cartoon. To do what I want with no expectation of a return other than my own enjoyment.

I’m more than willing to put in an 18-hour day if I know I need to, but that grind wears you down. Working long days, day after day, makes you resent your work. When you resent your work, you won’t do the best you possibly can.

Take the time to care for yourself and find balance in your life. Your well being and your work will thank you.

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