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Fighting Self-Doubt & Making Positive Change

Do you ever have that feeling at the end of the day where you can’t really name anything in particular you have accomplished?

You worked all day, you know you’ve finished things from your to-do list, but nothing seems to stick out as something you can proudly announce and say “I did this today.”

I was having a lot of days like that, and my work, my motivation, and my happiness were suffering as a result.

New Year…

When the New Year began, I was filled with hope and optimism. The whole year was laid out in front of me, ready to be put to good use. I was going to write more, share more, and try my best to help more people.

But I didn’t.

In fact, I was doing less of those things than I had in years.

I didn’t have a lot of paying work. The personal projects I was working on weren’t fueling my passion for design. I felt like I was squandering my time. I just felt low.

As people in bad moods are often known to do, I began questioning every decision I had ever made. Should I have said yes to this project? Is this design good enough? Should I have left my job to do this? Was design even the right thing for me?

Days like that will happen. But what’s important is what you do after going through that gauntlet of self-doubt.

Making Changes

A wave of positive energy was about to sweep through my life and give me the energy I needed to sort things out.

Just a few weeks ago, I moved out of my parent’s house again and am back out in the adult world. I live with a great friend of mine in an amazing house with my own beautiful (above ground) office.

The change of scenery did wonders for my motivation. I was getting so much work done and feeling good about everything I was doing. I felt like an actual, functioning adult!

Making a positive change happen in my life made all the difference in the world.

Feeling Busy

Despite all of the positives that came from moving, there were setbacks as well. The delays that the moving process put on my work schedule meant that I fell behind on several commitments I had made. I had to start working from the time I woke up until I went to bed in order to catch up and deliver on the promises I had made.

To put it plainly, I was busy. Really busy.

I hate the glorification of “being busy.” This isn’t what this is about. This is a warning, not a chance to brag. I love having a full schedule, but being overbooked benefits no one.

I promised too much to too many people in too short a time. I’ll be damned if I don’t deliver on the promises I’ve made, but it isn’t any fun to know you’re behind and potentially letting other people down.

And I have let people down. Mainly, you.

When things got tough, I cut this blog out first because it took up a lot of my time. Then I stopped sharing on instagram and facebook because that was time consuming as well. I stopped doing the things that were important to me, writing, teaching, and sharing.

…New Me

That ends now.

Starting next week I will be back to writing my blog, posting my work, and sharing the silliness that is my life as a business owner.

Life is filled with ups, downs, and in-betweens. Sometimes hard decisions need to be made. All I can do is keep trying my best, working my hardest, and doing everything I can to keep doing what is most important to me.

I want to hear from you! Have you struggled with finding the motivation to get things done? Or with over-committing to too many projects? Any questions you have for me, please send them to me at tommy@airshipdesign.co.

I look forward to sharing the things I love and what I learn with you each week from now on. Onward and upward.

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