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Day One

Today is the day.

I woke up. Got out of bed. Got ready. Made coffee.

And I didn’t get in my car to drive to work.

Today is technically day one of Airship being my full-time job, but in reality I’ve been doing this for years. Pretty consistently since 2012 I’ve been coming home from my job and working on this. I’ve been drawing, designing, coding, and reading almost every night and weekend day all in preparation of this day finally coming. Now it’s time to put it all into place.

I know enough to know that this won’t be a completely smooth transition. Things will come up that I never anticipated or expected. I’ll make mistakes. But I’ll learn from them. I look forward to the challenge and the responsibility of it all.

This week will be pretty crazy. Lots of errands need to be run, meetings need to be had, my office needs to get setup, and (of course) I need to get my work done. I’m coming out swinging.

I appreciate everyone who has followed me in this daily blogging experiment. I really enjoyed being able to share what was on my mind every day. These blogs will stop being daily after today as I get my act together and get a better grip on my schedule. But don’t worry, a new post will be here next Monday detailing my new schedule for blogs and design posts as well as how my first week went.

I’ve asked a question at the end of every newsletter I’ve sent asking for feedback and for what you’d like to hear me talk about more. I really do want to hear from you. So if there’s something you’re struggling with or there’s a topic you would just like to see me ramble about, please shoot me an email, tweet at me, or send a carrier pigeon my way.

I look forward to sharing this wacky adventure with all of you. Onward and upward.

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