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Trebird Recycled Skateboard Goods

Trebird is an amazing company that turns old, broken skateboards into beautiful jewelry and products. They were in need of a new brand to better capture their personality and the quality of the goods they make.

trebird-old-logoThe old brand used the tagline “skateboard jewelry” which limited how people viewed their offerings to just a jewelry maker. Since they are now expanding into other product areas, it was important to refocus the brand.

For the new brand, it was important to refocus the brand away from just jewelry to allow for growth in new product areas. We also wanted to portray a casual, but professional feeling with the new brand to appeal to both young men and women under 30 as well as boutiques for wholesale.


Since Trebird makes handcrafted goods, a handcrafted wordmark seemed most appropriate. The wordmark is a classic, playful script to convey a sense of elegance and fun. Paired with a rough, but friendly typeface to call to the fact that all of their products are made from broken, recycled skateboards.



Support Graphics

Since a lot of Trebird’s sales come through social media referrals, it made sense to come up with a way to share more of the brand’s fun personality in an interesting way through social media. We developed these fun phrases that can be easily added on top of images, or just shared on their own to have a bit more fun with the usual product shots that get shared.



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