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Elmwood Village Brewing Co.

The Elmwood Village Brewing Co. (EVBC) is a fictional brewery based in my neighborhood of Buffalo, New York.

EVBC is a craft brewery founded by three friends in the Elmwood Village of Buffalo, NY specializing in a select number of high quality craft beers. EVBC places all of their efforts on brewing the highest quality beers possible by only having three year-round selections and one additional seasonal variety.

As a relatively new brewery, it was extremely important that EVBC’s new identity help them stand out in a growing marketplace to find a customer base to grow upon. The new brand needed to convey the quality of the beer and capture the fun, quirky attitude of the Elmwood Village neighborhood.

Early Sketches & Concepts

I wanted to avoid commonly used themes in beer-related branding (like hops, wheat, beer glasses, etc.) and instead focus on the thing that makes EVBC unique, it’s quality and location.


The final concept combines a strong, but friendly, typeface with the imagery of the neighborhood’s many unique, Queen Anne style houses. Orange is often associated with fun, creativity, and determination. All of which are qualities that are a part of the EVBC brand. The bright orange is also eye-catching which will make this new brand stand out amongst the rest on the shelf.



EVBC bottle designs

Beer Label Design

The packaging is arguably the most important aspect of any craft beer branding strategy. Luckily, EVBC’s brand is built on being fun and quirky. This led to a lot of different possibilities when coming up with concepts for their different varieties of beers.

The designs stay true to the brand, using heavy line illustration, appropriate typography, and a general simplicity while keeping it fun and interesting.

The names of each beer reference different aspects of the area without being obvious callouts. It would have been pretty easy to just name the beers after streets or landmarks, but by digging a bit deeper we found a much more meaningful and interesting story to tell on each bottle.

Each label features a unique characterization of the beer’s name while maintaining an overall style that remains consistent between them. This allows for each beer label to have their own personality without needing to reinvent the wheel when new beers are added to the lineup.




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