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3 Keys Pub & Kitchen

3 Keys is a fictional gastropub where the most important things are beer, food, and relaxation.

3 Keys main focus is on providing a calmer, more relaxed bar experience than those most people are used to. Promoting a “coffee shop vibe” instead of the normal “crazy bar vibe.” As a new pub, it was important that they start out with a high quality brand that made them look professional and established from the get-go.

When coming up with a concept for 3 Keys, I tried to imagine what a perfect bar would be to me. The most important things that came to mind were 1) having great beer, 2) having delicious food, and 3) being able to relax and talk with the people I came there with. These not only served as my guide for the goals of the gastropub itself, but they are also reflected in the name (The “3 Keys” to a perfect pub.)

Because 3 Keys is so different from other bars, the concept of it being a place for people who were “in the know” quickly came to mind. After some research and brainstorming, the concept of theming the brand around a secret society where people who appreciate food, beer, and conversation gather. So I wanted to focus on two main symbols, The all-seeing eye used in lots of secret society/occult imagery, and skeleton keys because they have a certain mysterious quality to them.


The 3 Keys logo was designed to be adaptable to any number of uses and situations. It can be used in its full size, horizontally, abbreviated, or just as an icon. This allows for it to be used elegantly in a variety of situations, all while staying on brand and maintaining its style.


Support Graphics

Support graphics should compliment the brand and be immediately recognizable. They support the more “official” elements of your brand and add some character to it. For 3 Keys, the theme was that of a secret society, so these support materials place the “all seeing eye” on to food, a beer, and a hand (a symbol for people/togetherness). There graphics are used throughout the restaurant and on various brand materials.




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